All Hands – and Eyes – Needed on Deck

May 28, 2010

"A spate of recent cases, from Christmas Day to Times Square, have highlighted the shrinking distance between Aden or Abuja and Manhattan or Manchester. As global meets local, information sharing becomes the currency of the realm. Yet a Senate Committee Report released last week highlights continued, significant deficiencies in this area. In its unclassified study of the Christmas Day case, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence identifies more than a dozen “points of failure” including the following: State Department did not revoke the bomber’s US visa; and he was not placed on a watch list (other than a database half a million strong), or on the no fly list.1 This, despite the fact that Abdulmutallab's application for a UK visa was rejected in 2008 (he provided false information to authorities). Multiple errors and problems certainly occurred stateside in this case. Beyond borders however, there is also room for systemic improvement."

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