Assessing the Effectiveness and Value of State and Local Fusion Centers

The Center for Cyber & Homeland Security (CCHS) at the George Washington University invites you to an event discussing the role and effectiveness of the network of state and local fusion centers, which play a key role in analyzing homeland security threats, sharing threat-related information, and responding to incidents.  
At the event, the Center will release an Issue Brief on this topic by Andrew Coffey, who earlier this year completed and defended his Ph.D. dissertation on the topic of "Measuring Effectiveness in the Domestic Intelligence Community: Taking a Configurational Approach to Explain Organizational Outcomes in the National Network of Fusion Centers."  The Issue Brief highlights the key findings of his dissertation.
Coffey will discuss the paper as the starting point for a broader discussion of the current role, effectiveness, and value of the national network of state and local fusion centers.
Andrew Coffey, Ph.D., Senior Analyst for Policy and Research, IEM 

Lee "Tip" Wight, Director, Washington Regional Threat Analysis Center (WRTAC)

Meghann Peterlin, Senior Policy Analyst, ICF International
Christian Beckner, Deputy Director, GW Center for Cyber & Homeland Security

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Support for this event is provided by ICF International.