Border & Transportation Security

Aviation, maritime, and surface transportation systems are a tempting target for our adversaries.  Here we face a thinking opponent that adapts continually in response to our own actions, in order to exploit our vulnerabilities.  To thwart attacks on mass transit, we must insert unpredictability into the system, so that opportunities to game it are dramatically decreased.  At the same time, solid intelligence and the ability to push it to the frontlines in a timely and effective way are crucial.  Keep in mind that pipelines and pathways used to smuggle drugs into this country can also be used to smuggle in people—including terrorists, and weapons.  This scenario is all the more concerning as the forces of crime and terror converge; and as drug trafficking organizations deepen their reach into the Continental United States, while groups like Lebanese Hezbollah (Iran’s chief proxy) make continuing inroads into the Americas.

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