Cyber Attack: The National Protection Plan and its Privacy Implications

February 01, 2000

"The information technology revolution has given us an unrivalled, perhaps unsurpassable, lead over the rest of the world in virtually every facet of modern life. Information technology's impact on society has been profound and touches everyone, whether we examine our economy, our quality of life, or our national security. Unfortunately there is a 'dark side' to this revolution. Along with the clear rewards come new risks and a litany of unintended consequences that need to be better understood and managed by our industry and government leaders. These risks range from the national security considerations involving threats to, and vulnerabilities of, our critical infrastructures from cyber attacks and information operations, to protecting the confidentiality and integrity of our personal information such as medical records, credit histories, or even our identities, from unauthorized use. If we do not understand these potential consequences, widespread cyber threats - once the domain of science fiction - will become a reality for us all."

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