Donald Freese


Donald FreeseDon Freese is a Business and Cyber Continuity Strategist, Global Risk Manager, and National Security Executive with over 25 years’ experience leading business federal law enforcement and intelligence missions. Don currently serves as the FBI Deputy Assistant Director for information technology enterprise services responsible for worldwide IT operations, information assurance, and risk management for all digital enclaves and operational platforms worldwide. In his previous assignment, Don served as the Director of the National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force, in this capacity Don was responsible for leading 24 partner agencies in partnership to accomplish the nation’s top-tier, domestic cyber mission, through coordinating, integrating, and sharing cyber threat data enabling intelligence and investigative operations worldwide. In previous assignments, Don has led and worked in Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence, Criminal and Cyber intrusion teams in various locations in the US and overseas. Don received his MS/BCSRM from Boston University and holds a Professional Certification in Cyber Security Strategy from Georgetown University.

Don serves as a keynote speaker for both Cyber and Intelligence events and focuses on: Active Cyber Defense; Intelligence Analytics; The Human Dimension in Cyber; and Leadership in Risk Management.