Heather Raiti

Ms. Raiti is a seasoned Counterterrorism and Intelligence professional with over 10 years of practical experience in the Intelligence and National Security community.   Ms. Raiti currently manages a staff of 11 counterterrorism analysts for Entegra Systems.  As part of her current duties Ms. Raiti is frequently called upon to interact with foreign government officials to ensure mutual success in counterterrorism issues. 

Ms. Raiti previously served as an Intelligence Analyst at the FBI’s second largest field office – the Washington Field office - during which time she was selected for a competitive interagency program run by the Director of National Intelligence.  In 2009 this program was awarded the Harvard Innovation and Excellence in Governance award.  

Ms Raiti has also worked with various National and Homeland Security agencies on the operational, analytic and policy projects.  While deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 she worked with the Department of Defense (DoD), the International Security AssistantForces (ISAF), and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members in countering the IED threat in Kandahar, Afghanistan.   She further advised DoD on interagency programs run in Latin America.   Ms. Raiti also led a team in conducting strategic country assessments for the National Intelligence Council and provided consultative services to the Boston Police Department’s intelligence center.    

While serving as the senior Counterterrorism and Intelligence staff on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee, Ms. Raiti was instrumental in developing and overseeing the implementation of new regulations to improve air cargo security.  She secured the removal of al backscatter body scanners for U.S. Airports and obtained appropriation to fund a long-term study on the effect of radiation exposure in humans.  During her time on the committee Ms. Raiti also conducted several oversight investigations to include the DNI’s use of Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act authorities for IC integration and leadership as well as oversaw FBI intelligence programs, State and Local Fusion Centers, U.S. Government Information Sharing programs, and programs countering violent extremism.

Ms. Raiti has a BA degree in Political Science and French Language from Lynchburg College and a Masters in Strategic Intelligence from the National Intelligence University.