Infrastructure Protection Experts

Michael Balboni

President and Managing Director, Redland Strategies Inc.
Executive Director of Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association

Frank J. Cilluffo

Frank J. Cilluffo is an Associate Vice President at The George Washington University where he leads a number of national security and cybersecurity policy and research initiatives.

Infrastructure Protection

From banking and finance to energy and electricity, some sectors are simply critical to our national and economic security.  Pursuant to federal Department of Homeland Security designation, there are sixteen such U.S. sectors.  Yet this infrastructure is increasingly targeted by our adversaries in the physical world and through cyberspace.  Worse yet, these infrastructures are in turn dependent upon one another—hence a single point of failure can have cascading effects, potentially even catastrophic in character.  While no amount of guns, guards and gates in the physical world (nor their equivalents in the cyber domain) will protect everything, everywhere, all the time; perhaps the greatest deterrent, irrespective of the specific threat or actor, is the ability to recover, reconstitute, and bounce back quickly.