Jon Nowick

Jon Nowick

Areas of Expertise


Intelligence Analysis

Instruction and Instructional Design

Counterterrorism Instructor, Leidos (formerly SAIC)

Former Director, DHS Analytic Red Cell

Jon Nowick has contributed to homeland security by designing and delivering counterterrorism training courses for US Government employees through the firm Leidos (formerly SAIC) since 2006.  The training has included special events and field trips to bring US Government counterterrorism experts together with counterparts from law enforcement, state and local government, and private industry.

Nowick from 2003-2005 led an Analytic Red Cell at the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Cited by The Washington Post as an example of the government “employing imagination,” the program drew on more than 500 experts from around the world and used leading edge analytic techniques.  The Red Cell produced more than 40 reports on threats, vulnerabilities, and counter-measures for national, state and local, and industry officials.  Before this assignment, Nowick from 2002-2003 served on the White House’s Homeland Security Transition Planning Office. 

Nowick has more than 30 years of experience in the US Government as a manager, analyst, liaison representative, and editor in the United States and overseas. He wrote and edited several hundred intelligence reports for the President and National Security Council Staff on international developments including the historic transformations in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.  He also organized successful governmental-academic conferences, created a US Government trends-forecasting publication, and served on a task force making recommendations for US post-Cold War strategy.



Nowick was educated at The Johns Hopkins University (B.A.) in Baltimore, Maryland, and Johns Hopkins’ School for Advanced International Studies (M.A.) in Washington DC.