Matthew Doherty

Areas of Expertise

  • Targeted violence prevention
  • Threat assessment policies and training
  •  Protective intelligence


  • Senior Vice President, Federal Practice, Hillard Heintze
  • Former Member, U.S. Marshals Service Executive Advisory Committee
  • Former Director, National Threat Assessment Center, U.S. Secret Service

Matt has over 24 years of experience leading law enforcement and intelligence programs and investigations in the prevention of violence by developing and enhancing methodologies with national security priorities.  He is widely recognized across the United States as among the most experienced senior experts in assessing an individual’s potential for danger and preventing targeted violence against our nation’s leaders and national critical infrastructure as well as major events and the corporate workplace.  

Today, as Senior Vice President, Federal Practice at Hillard Heintze, he leads large-scale, private sector security engagements, including projects with major entertainment venues, gaming facilities, commercial properties, educational institutions, pharmaceutical operations, utility companies, property management firms, financial services, manufacturing and distribution plants, and professional sports.

As former director, National Threat Assessment Center, Matt managed training on threat assessment and targeted violence prevention for more than 70,000 federal, state and local law enforcement personnel.  He created the first information-sharing database (TAVISS) for the prevention of violence against protected officials, including the U.S. President, Vice-President, cabinet secretaries and governors. He has also routinely briefed U.S. corporations, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Justice Department and members of Congress on threat assessment methodologies.

Additional highlights of Doherty’s career in the Secret Service include providing daily briefs for U.S. Presidential and Vice Presidential Protective Divisions on threat investigations, and coordinating some of our nation’s most critical protective intelligence investigations, including supervising all visits by the President, Vice President and heads of states and coordinating all.