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U.S. preparing to restart military aid to Yemen

March 10, 2012

The Pentagon is planning to restart programs that would fund military training and equipment in Yemen, nearly a year after they were shut down because of escalating chaos in the embattled country.

DHS close to tracking down expired-visa holders with biometrics

March 06, 2012

The Homeland Security Department within a month will have a plan for a biometric system capable of identifying individuals who have overstayed their visas, such as the recent would-be U.S. Capitol bomber.

Analysis: Doctrine of 'Internet Power' key to dominance in cyber domain (AUDIO)

March 05, 2012

There's plenty of talk about the role of the United States in cyber space. But what's lacking, one expert argues, is a defining doctrine. Ronald Marks, a senior fellow at George Washington University's Homeland Security Policy Institute and a veteran of the CIA, said doctrine is one of the "defining principles" of an actual policy. Audio.

Risks of water shortages in Arab Spring Nations (VIDEO)

March 02, 2012

Frank J. Cilluffo discusses recently released US intelligence report on global water security. Video.

NSA Chief Seeks Bigger Cybersecurity Role

February 27, 2012

At a cybersecurity forum last week at George Washington University, former Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell said current U.S. cyberdefenses are weak and the bills on Capitol Hill are insufficient. "There isn't a corporation in the nation that can successfully defend itself. Not one," Mr. McConnell said.

American Doctrine in Cyber Space

February 24, 2012

What we lack right now in cyber space is a doctrine from which comprehensive and sensible tactics and strategies can flow. Let me suggest that the doctrine we need to guide American policy is Internet Power. Internet Power is defined as maintaining the peaceful and positive use of cyber space.

Experts Address Growing Cyber Threat to National Security

February 23, 2012

Some of the nation’s leaders and policymakers in the fields of homeland security, defense and intelligence gathered at George Washington’s Jack Morton Auditorium Wednesday to discuss the challenges of legislating cybersecurity.

FCC Chief Presses Internet Providers on Cybersecurity

February 22, 2012

The government needs to establish rules to ensure that companies adequately shield vital networks, Michael Chertoff, a former Homeland Security Secretary under President George W. Bush, and Mike McConnell, former director of national intelligence under Bush, said during a conference today in Washington. The event was sponsored by George Washington University’s Homeland Security Policy Institute.

Cyber Security Act of 2012 requires a liability protection bug fix

February 22, 2012

Former Acting General Counsel of DHS and HSPI Senior Fellow Gus Coldebella discusses the Senate cybersecurity bill sponsored by Senators Lieberman, Collins, Rockefeller and Feinstein. Coldebella explains how the bill's liability protections could be strengthened, removing dangerous disincentives to information sharing on the cybersecurity threat.

Officials Urge Lawmakers Not to Weaken Cybersecurity Measures

February 22, 2012

With opposition to a new Senate cybersecurity bill building among privacy groups and key business interests, it may take a major cyberattack to prompt meaningful protections, two former national security officials said on Wednesday.

Big Brother Watching Social Media? (VIDEO)

February 16, 2012

Director Frank J. Cilluffo comments on the balance between privacy and security in law enforcement's monitoring of social media. Video.

Hearing on DHS plan to monitor social networking websites (VIDEO)

February 16, 2012

Director Frank J. Cilluffo discusses law enforcement's role in the future of social media and open source information. Video.

Open Relationship: The United States is doing something right in the war on terror

February 15, 2012

Director Frank J. Cilluffo writes on the erosion of Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas as a destination for a transnational flow of extremist recruits.

Heightened Security in US Over Iran Threat (VIDEO)

February 14, 2012

Frank Cilluffo, director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University in D.C., agreed that the recent incidents in India, Georgia, Thailand and Azerbaijan have "all the hallmarks of a concerted campaign" that could extend to U.S. soil. Video.

Border, Cyber, Transportation Budgets Expected to Win In FY 2013 Budget

February 13, 2012

The budgets of the Border Patrol, border security programs, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), cybersecurity efforts and the Secret Service are expected by experts and knowledgeable observers to gain or at least hold steady when the president’s fiscal year 2013 budget request is released to Congress today.

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