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White House Releases National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security

January 27, 2012

HSPI Senior Fellow Seth Stodder, who assisted the Department of Homeland Security in developing the new strategy, writes about its principles as enunciated by Secretary Napolitano at the World Economic Forum at Davos.

Supreme Court Rules on GPS Surveillance

January 25, 2012

Seth Stodder, HSPI Senior Fellow, discusses law enforcement's use of GPS surveillance technology and how it stands up to the Fourth Amendment. "The Justices’ three competing opinions in the case, however, raise more questions than they resolve – and point to many legal battles to come as courts wrestle with whether and to what degree 21st Century surveillance and analytics capabilities should be circumscribed by constitutional principles."

The National Northern Border Counternarcotics Strategy: Closing a Window of Criminal Opportunity

January 25, 2012

HSPI Associate Director Sharon L. Cardash discusses the policy and politics of the release of the Administration's National Northern Border Counternarcotics Strategy.

Risks Abound at Home and Abroad

January 19, 2012

Daniel J. Kaniewski, Deputy Director of HSPI, discusses the difficultly of planning responses to low-probability, high-impact catastrophes.

The economic impact of catastrophe: Interview with David Brancaccio

January 17, 2012

Thai floods sent ripples through the global economy last year. A report urges companies to consider how disasters could disrupt their businesses.

Cyber Power: Which Nations Will Emerge as the Cyber Powers of the 21st Century? (AUDIO)

January 03, 2012

Cyber technologies raise several critical questions. What will be the primary sources of their comparative cyber power - military, economic, or cultural? How significant will be the roles of non-state actors in the future cyber balance of power? Finally, what should the role of the US Government be as this new balance of power emerges? Audio.

Homeland Security Experts Weigh In: The Year of the ‘Lone Wolf’ (Subscription Required)

January 02, 2012

There exists a witch’s brew of violent extremist forces operating out of safe havens in Pakistan and the FATA. While many of these groups historically had narrow regional aims and objectives, they increasingly ascribe and subscribe to al Qaeda’s broader vision of global jihad. Subscription required to read article.

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