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6 Concrete Policy Ideas for Fixing America’s Drone Dilemma

February 06, 2013

Both sides, whether they are aware of it or not, often share a lot of common ground: humanitarian and strategic concerns, worries about U.S. policy backfiring in parts of the world where America's image is already in plenty of trouble, and a desire to avoid larger-scale military entanglements. No one is really happy with the status quo, but serious proposals that address both the benefits and downsides of drones and targeted killings are hard to come by.

European Union Must Respond to Hezbollah’s Attack in Bulgaria

February 05, 2013

On Tuesday, the Bulgarian government confirmed what most of the world has known for months: The bombing of a bus carrying Israeli tourists in the Black Sea resort of Burgas last July 18 was carried out by members of Lebanon’s Hezbollah organization. The results of an official investigation present leaders of the European Union with a reality that will be difficult to ignore.

Bulgaria Links Hezbollah To Deadly Attack On Israelis

February 05, 2013

HSPI Senior Fellow Matthew Levitt says it would be significant if Europe agrees to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. "Right now, Hezbollah is able to raise funds in most European countries overtly, like the Red Cross...And there's nothing illegal about it.

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