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In cyber, we know Russia and China are the bad guys. That's where the certainty ends

February 29, 2016

The most direct threats to the United States in cyberspace remain the most well-known adversaries: Russia and China. But intelligence leaders and analysts say that's where the certainty ends.

Apple's refusal to unlock terrorist's phone exposes rift with FBI

February 17, 2016

Privacy advocates have applauded Apple CEO Tim Cook's decision to oppose a court order demanding that the company help the FBI access data on a terrorist's phone, but cybersecurity experts worry the defiance could set a dangerous precedent for future investigations.

Obama wants commission to fix nation's cyber woes

February 09, 2016

The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity will recommend ways to strengthen the country's cybersecurity, but it will report only days before the president leaves office.

Center Announces New Project on Active Defense Against Cyber Threats

February 04, 2016

Update (10/31/2016): Final Project Report has been released, now available here.

Breaking the Cybersecurity Glass Ceiling

February 01, 2016

When it comes to talent, the security industry and the business world are missing out on an under-tapped source.

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