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Defense Cyber Strategy Avoids Tackling the Most Critical Issues

July 28, 2011

Summer in Washington is not usually the time when major news breaks. This year is proving the exception as lawmakers and the White House struggle with the debt ceiling. Amid this economic activity, the Defense Department on July 14 issued its Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace.

How to Beat al Qaeda at Its Own Game

August 11, 2010

The story of Badr al-Harbi is a case study of a battleground in the war on terror that has long been ignored: the struggle to control the narrative.

All Hands – and Eyes – Needed on Deck

May 28, 2010

"A spate of recent cases, from Christmas Day to Times Square, have highlighted the shrinking distance between Aden or Abuja and Manhattan or Manchester.

Storm Surge

October 05, 2009

As the Philippines struggles to address the damage wreaked by Tropical Storm Ketsana, a political storm is also brewing. Filipino senators are currently calling on the government to renegotiate the country's Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States.

To Beat Terrorists, Use Judo, Not Boxing

August 13, 2009

Noordin Top, likely mastermind of multiple bombings in Indonesia - including the most recent attack on the Ritz-Carlton and J W Marriott hotels in Jakarta, was apparently nearly killed in a government raid on his hideout in a remote area of central Java.

A Message to Congress from National Security and Terrorism Experts (PDF)

July 10, 2009

Blocking the government from bringing any Guantanamo detainees to the U.S. is unnecessary and harmful to our national security.

Metro's Crash Reveals Gains in Preparedness

June 28, 2009

The response to the tragedy demonstrated that an increased focus on local and regional readiness since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks has better prepared the Washington area not only for acts of terrorism but also for the full range of emergencies that can strike a region.

Defeating Somali Pirates Won't Be Easy

February 03, 2009

Pirates were on the wane and marginalized to a select few global waterways only a few years ago, but their attacks have skyrocketed off Somalia's coast, the longest in Africa and located along one of the most heavily trafficked shipping lanes in the world.

In Afghanistan, Hit 'em Where They Aren't

September 29, 2008

Recent US attacks inside Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) follow the prevailing, conventional logic: To win in Afghanistan, kill, coerce, and capture in Pakistan.

Not Your Father's FEMA

September 10, 2008

FEMA is an easy target; its four-letter acronym is often used as shorthand to convey all of Katrina’s failures. But FEMA is just one piece of the preparedness puzzle.

How Can the U.S. Improve Human intelligence?

July 06, 2008

The sluggish pace at which security clearances are processed within the intelligence world is one of the main reasons why the CIA and other agencies simply have not been able to recruit the best and brightest Americans to serve abroad in some of the most sensitive areas collecting vital information on our adversaries.

Ice Cube on Plate Glass Window: First Responders Should Support Increased EMS Funding (PDF)

July 07, 2005

Unlike our peers in law enforcement and fire suppression, EMS has been treated like the unwanted stepchild.

A Doomsday Priority

April 05, 2005

Secretary Michael Chertoff cited the preparedness mission as a top priority during his vision speech at The George Washington University last month.

Don't Rush Toward a Trinational Security Strategy

March 21, 2005

Though co-operation on security issues has taken on a new fervour in the wake of 9/11, the U.S. and Canada have a long history of co-operating on security matters. Since as early as the 1940 Permanent Joint Board on Defense, it's clear our countries place a high value on working together.

Commission’s Proposals Fall on Deaf Ears (PDF)

August 16, 2004

President Bush demonstrated decisive leadership last week when he announced his proposal to reform the intelligence community, brushing aside the significant bureaucratic hurdles and political risks associated with such a bold move.

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