Paul Smith

     Paul Smith, a British citizen, was born in 1953 and served as a commissioned British Army infantry officer for 20 years in both front line units and in senior policy positions within the UK Ministry of Defense. He completed 5 operational tours in Northern Ireland during the 1970s and 1980s in command, surveillance and intelligence posts. In addition, he served three years as an expert instructor in the Northern Ireland Training and Advisory Team which taught British Army units the counter terrorism skills necessary before their deployment to Northern Ireland. Paul's final post was as Military Assistant to the Assistant Chief of the Defense Staff (NATO) during Operation Desert Storm, the collapse of Communist Europe and the initial Balkan crisis. As a result of his military career, Paul received firsthand experience of UK's national and international military and foreign operations at the tactical, operational and strategic level.

In 1992, Paul left the Army to join the Ministry of Defense (MoD) where for the next 17 years he served in a series of operational, investigative and liaison postings in UK and abroad. In 2005 - 2008 Paul was appointed to the British Embassy in Washington, DC as the MoD Liaison Officer to the US intelligence community.

In 2008 Paul left MoD and, with the support of senior officers in the FBI, DHS, NCTC and CIA, he was granted an American "O1" Visa. This allowed him to accept the invitation to take a year - long appointment as an Intelligence Specialist with the FBI Intelligence Reform program. In this post Paul provided the FBI with a series of policy papers which included the exploitation of operational intelligence, the training of FBI agents and analysts in the most effective means of intelligence collection, the "lone wolf" threat and the use of table top exercises "Left of Boom".  

Paul soon qualified for a "Green Card" and, since 2009, he has provided counter terrorist intelligence and operational training to US Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies (LEA), first with a commercial company and since 2007, as president of Lawrenson Smith LLC. The courses Paul has delivered to LEAs include Actionable Intelligence, HUMINT and CCTV Situational Awareness. His clients have included LAPD, Virginia and Pennsylvania State Police, Austin, Baltimore, Maryland, Phoenix, Tucson, Tampa and Amtrak Police Departments, Washington DC Fire Department and a number of Fusion Centers. In 2017 Paul has been hired by Los Angeles World Airports to complete a major review of the use of CCTV at Los Angeles Airport (LAX). As a result, in May 2017 Paul will deliver a bespoke CCTV Situational Awareness Course to the CCTV operators at LAX.

In addition to training, Paul has addressed all the ICE Field Offices about HUMINT, via a webinar, from Washington DC. He has also spoken about counter terrorism issues to numerous FBI, law enforcement and US university conferences. In 2016, he spoke to the National Counter Terrorism Center, at the National Fusion Center Association Conference and to the Fusion Center Leadership Program. Finally, in late 2016, Paul was hired by the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) to address their law enforcement audiences across USA about counter terrorism matters. His first two NW3C engagements will be Actionable Intelligence Courses to Michigan State Police and to New York Police Department.

 In 2009 - 10 Paul was a member of the Advisory Board of i2, the software company before their acquisition by IBM. The company specialized in data exploitation software, such as Analyst Notebook and Cop Link, which are widely employed throughout the US intelligence and law enforcement communities. Since then Paul has been a consultant to a number of other American commercial companies. As a result of these contacts in the US commercial field, Paul fully appreciates how technology and social media will be able to support investigations in the future.

 Paul has also successfully delivered security training for commercial clients. These courses include Personal Protection Overseas, The Insider Threat and CCTV Situational Awareness. His clients have included Discover Financial Services (DFS), Exelon Power, Marriott Hotels and Deloitte. In 2015 Paul was retained as a specialist security consultant for DFS. In this role he rewrote DFS' physical security instructions to introduce the appropriate response procedures in the event of an Active Shooter or Bomb incident at any of DFS' facilities. In 2016, Paul was invited to join DFS' team that is developing DFS' response to the Insider Threat. In addition, during 2017, Paul has provided advice about counter espionage to the TSA/Federal Air Marshals Service new Insider Threat and Counter Intelligence programs.

 Finally, in 2008 Paul was appointed an adjunct Professor teaching the Federal, State and local first responders who attend the DHS Homeland Security Masters Course held at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS), US Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California. CHDS has become acknowledged as the "gold standard" for the education of US first responders in Homeland Security since 9/11. On this Course Paul explains how British CT doctrine has evolved during the last 40 years and how multi agency "intelligence led" operations can be successfully mounted against both criminals and terrorists. His classes to the Masters' students include a realistic Table Top Exercise and a detailed discussion on how US law enforcement agencies could conduct improved contingency planning to detect, deter and interdict criminality and terrorism before criminal incidents terrorist attacks or casualties occur.

 Paul is also a Senior Fellow of the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, George Washington University DC. To mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Paul authored a critique of US National Counterterrorism Strategy which was published by Real Instituto Elcano, a European think tank based in Madrid. 

 Paul is married, lives in Georgetown, Washington DC and is a keen student of the American Civil War.