Policy Reports

NETworked Radicalization: A Counter-Strategy (PDF)

May 03, 2007

This report focuses on radicalization in the context of the transnational insurgency that is the global extremist “jihadi” Salafist movement. Further, the report explores the relatively delimited question of how to respond to and counter Internet-facilitated radicalization.

Stopping Surprise Attacks: Thinking Smarter About Homeland Security

April 23, 2007

For decades, top Pentagon management has not had the time to think deeply about long-term trends or threats that have not even begun to emerge. Instead, it has relied on a small office to do the job -- the Office of Net Assessment (ONA). The ONA offers senior lead­ers insights and new perspectives on an uncertain future by conducting studies and engaging top intellec­tuals and cutting-edge thinkers in many fields."

Report of the Future of Terrorism Task Force (PDF)

January 25, 2007

Our adversary is proactive, innovative, well networked, flexible, patient, young, technologically savvy, and learns and adapts continuously based upon both successful and failed operations around the globe. We must be and do likewise. Our institutions must be recalibrated to reflect the changing threat environment.