Steve Pann

Chairman of the Council of Executives, GW's Center for Cyber and Homeland Security

Steve Pann is an American entrepreneur, technology investor, and thought leader in national security innovation.  He draws upon three decades of experience in the business and defense communities developing and deploying cutting-edge technological advances in support of demanding government missions. Steve is widely recognized for his unrelenting drive to anticipate and shape technological change. He has a proven record of creating entirely new technology markets and driving companies to unparalleled profitability. 

Steve has a long history of creating and investing in highly successful technology companies. He is currently a founding partner at Razor’s Edge Ventures LLC, a venture capital fund focusing on investments in Space, artificial intelligence, big data, high performance computing and sensors, and tools for visualization, situational awareness and geospatial missions.  He currently serves on the boards of directors for several commercial companies in the Razor’s Edge portfolio. 

Steve’s track record of founding and selling technology companies to Fortune 500 corporations puts him at the forefront of innovation in the national security sector.

Steve co-founded Blackbird Technologies in 1997 as an advanced engineering, research, and technology company delivering innovative solutions to complex national security requirements.  Raytheon acquired Blackbird in 2014, and Steve served as Chief Strategy Officer for Raytheon Blackbird Technologies until moving to Razor’s Edge the following year.  He continues to serve as a consultant and board member for Raytheon’s Advanced Concepts and Technology group.  Previously, Steve co-founded RavenWing, a mobile technology company, which he helped bring to significant profitability before selling to Boeing in 2008.

Before serving in the U.S. government, Steve served as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps.  He holds a bachelor’s degree from American University.