Congressional Testimonies

Protecting American Interests Abroad: U.S. Citizens, Businesses, and Non-Governmental Organizations (PDF)

April 03, 2001

This is an under-examined and often under-appreciated aspect of the security threats posed to non-official American interests overseas. Yet, it is only with the understanding that the threat to non-official Americans overseas is growing that we can begin to integrate the private sector into our overall antiterrorism and counterterrorism framework.

Combating Terrorism: In Search of a National Strategy (PDF)

March 27, 2001

When critically evaluating our current state of preparedness, it is important to adopt a balanced viewpoint - that is, a perspective which appreciates both how we far we have come already and just how far we have yet to go.

The Threat Posed from the Convergence of Organized Crime, Drug Trafficking, and Terrorism

December 13, 2000

"As we begin the 21st Century, America is faced with a new national security challenge that is both vexing and complex.

Cyber Attack: The National Protection Plan and its Privacy Implications

February 01, 2000

"The information technology revolution has given us an unrivalled, perhaps unsurpassable, lead over the rest of the world in virtually every facet of modern life.

Weapons of Mass Destruction, Terrorism, and U.S. Preparedness

October 02, 1998

"I would like to first make a few comments regarding the current state of the threat, recent U.S.

The role of Intelligence in Identifying, Preventing and Responding to Transnational Terrorism: A Framework for U.S. National Security Planners

December 10, 1996

"For decades, the potential for two possible types of attacks have haunted terrorism experts within the US national security community — the likelihood of a major terrorist incident occurring withi